Friday, November 5, 2010

Rizzisles 5 Minute Deleted Scene: Guilty Pleasures.

I started this Monday night,but somehow just got around to finishing it. So sorry for the delay, I was running around getting things together for a friend's birthday all week. But here it is...

So, we start with the girls having dinner. Okay, once again, they're eating together and having just about the zillionth not-date of their relationship. You two should be not-married by now! Or at least not-U-Hauling. Geez.

So, like I said, the ladies are having dinner. Take-out, to be exact. Maura brought the dinner, cos she seems to think that the food in Jane's fridge is unsafe. Jane tells her that she's "getting to know her". Well,I sure hope so,you two are practically attached at the hip, I'm sure Maura knows your thought processes at this point! Well, maybe not, I mean, she would've at least ki-nevermind...

So, Maura got all sorts of stuff, including [dun dun dunnn] hot wings! Ooh,Jane says that Maura never ceases to surprise her ;] It seems that Miss Isles likes to have something spicy every now and hear that, Jane? Maura says she can't help it,cos she must have what she craves. Anyone else think she craves a certain tall brunette?

Then Jane tells Maura that this pick of deleted scene wasn't all that bad. We all have our guilty pleasures.

We. All. Have. Our. Guilty. Pleasures.

Who honestly thinks that they don't do this on purpose?!

Anyway, Maura talks about marshmallow fluff [wait, I thought Jane was the marshmallow fluff,wouldn't that be your guilty pleasure?] and I get lost in their euphemisms.  Then Jane begins to tell us about next week,but Maura wants to tell us, and Jane acquiesces cos, duh, this is Jane and she gives Maura whatever she wants. 

So, we get the rules and things for the trivia event on Monday! This is super exciting, cos I'm dying to win! Although I'm afraid I won't do too well..I encourage you all to participate! Anyhow, the rules:

I think it's cute that even here, it's obvious that Maura calls the shots.
"Maura and I finally agreed on some rules for our challenge...doesn't mean I just wrote down what she said..."
Haha,sure, Jane, sure. It looks like Maura is in charge a lot of the time, she's got Jane wrapped around her finger.  Makes you wonder, maybe the fluff is on the other side of the sandwich? Hmm...

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