Thursday, July 21, 2011

Rizznarker tweets 7: Lassie's Ruff Tricks

As soon as the tweet hit the twitterverse, Dorothy Snarker's hilarious recap of "Living Proof" quickly gained Jane Rizzoli's attention- as always! This week, Snarker compared our detective's quick saving to that of Lassie- and the detective apparently wasn't too fond of being compared to a canine- at first. Snarker is quick to explain that it is a compliment- and a comment on Jane's awesome hair is all the detective needs to let it go. Because she never flirts with Snarker, ever *cough*. So, all is well, and Jane says that she won't have to resort to anything involving counters. But wait, Jane!

Tuesday, July 5, 2011

Rizznarker tweets 6: Just Like [Gay] Old Times

There are less than 7 days left until the countdown to Rizzoli and Isles season 2 is over, and Dorothy Snarker is at it again! This time, she addresses the recent spotlight set on Jane and Maura's sexualities, and as usual, Jane is quick to reply!

Friday, May 27, 2011

Rizzisles Tweets: There's a Ghost In The Closet [Minicap]

 So there have been tweets lately about filming in a cemetery. At first, I just assumed that this is just something having to do with dead bodies. But then this tweet sparked something in my fangirl heart [and imagination]:

Thursday, May 19, 2011

Rizznarker tweets 5: Somebody's Watching Me

In light of recent events, I have decided that it is about time that I return to my tweetcaps. I apologize for the hiatus!
Now, if you are a Rizzles fan, you have probably seen the photograph and read the spoiler that turned many of us into squeeing fangirls. If you do not wish to be slightly spoiled, you might want to turn away now.

Anyhow, this image and explanation from the Rizzles Girls Blog has caused quite an uproar in the community

Tuesday, January 18, 2011

Rizzisles 5 Minute Deleted Scene: Favorite Dates

Jane and Maura gave us another deleted scene this Monday, deceivingly telling us that they would be discussing their favorite dates. While they didn't quite talk about the dates that we'd like to hear about, they still gave us some nice subtext to make it through the week.
The ladies started off the night with an interesting conversation about one of Jane's resolutions...
Hm, so apparently Jane's resolution was not to have "second dinner" this year. Now, if your mind went to the same place that mine did, then you are wondering why on earth Jane would say no to it.
Apparently, though, Jane has realized her mistake and thinks that they should have second dinner. I think she wants second dinner right now [Maura must look lovely in whatever it is that she's wearing] but Maura shuts her down. I'm thinking she's still upset about the scarf thing last week...
Now, the scene begins with Maura reading a book. Jane is not interested in the book. Jane is interested in Maura, so she teases Maura to distract her. Conversations about the advancements in technology [particularly plumbing and auto correct] ensue. The usual cute couply teasing also ensues.
Maura asks Jane what time she would like to go to. Rather than being witty and saying "last night" [because I'm sure Jane can't say that in front of an audience, that's private couple teasing] she suggests that last Tuesday would be a wonderful time to return to.
Maura realizes that Jane is making fun of her, and she's probably making that adorable slightly hurt face. And then my fangirl heart flutters when Jane asks if she can make it up to Maura. Then everyone's minds go to the gutter when Maura asks if Jane knows what she's wanted to do with her all week [please, Maura, enlighten us. Would it involve that scarf in any way..?]
Maura wants to go to yoga, which we all know is some sort of euphemism. They're going to find their centers, together, on the floor. Yep.
Jane thinks that they've said enough for tonight, because apparently they cannot give us all of the details of their make up "yoga" time. Plus, if she make another mistake she might end up running another marathon in spandex [although I'm sure none of us, including Maura, would mind seeing that]
We're given a promise for drinks again next week, if Jane can get out of her "reverse moon-dog" pose. Let's hope Maura takes it easy with her so we can enjoy more subtext next week ;]
Thanks for reading, and please leave a comment, they make me happy. See you all next week at The Robber! And if you can't make it, hopefully I'll see you here reading the tweetcap.

Tuesday, January 11, 2011

Rizzisles Tweets: A Night at The Robber

Monday nights are on again with @JaneRizzoli and @MauraIsles on twitter, and we are all relieved! This Monday, we had another relaxing night at The Dirty Robber with Jane and Maura, and the ladies were entertaining us before they even arrived.

The ladies begin with their usual banter. Jane is waiting for Maura to get dressed, as usual. [We all know that couple- one will throw on anything and be ready, and they're left waiting for their significant other to try on fifteen outfits and then end up wearing the very first one they tried on, anyway.]
Jane is teasing her girlfriend over the ridiculous size of her closet [a femme has to have a wide selection of blouses, Jane!]. While she's busy teasing, Maura nearly leaves our Detective. And of course, when Jane asks to drive, Maura simply answers with an "I don't think so, Jane". And yes, as you may have guessed, Jane has no objection to this, because Maura pretty much calls the shots around here.

Now, I've just chosen a few subtexty tweets, because The Dirty Robber was extremely full last night, and the ladies were tweeting like mad!

Jane agrees with Angie that "anything is possible", and she goes on to make a joke about Maura's knowledge of just what is and isn't possible. I'm sure you can all let your minds wander on this one...Maura, Jane, and a physics

Jane clearly doesn't understand the concept of an actor or actress as a potential love interest, because we all know that Maura is her girlfriend, and quite frankly that wouldn't fly with her. Plus, Jane stands by the fact that she's not a fictional character, so she's sidestepping the questions of who should be cast as her love interest should be without being too specific, lest she suggest that the "documentary" is scripted. At least, that's how I interpret it ;]

After a celebratory toast in honor of the birth of Sasha Alexander's baby boy, Jane vaguely mentions that she has many talents. I'm sure Maura can tell us all about them...

So, apparently Jane can't tell us whether or not she had to use her cuffs over the holidays. Jane plays the innocent because I'm sure she can get in some sort of trouble with PD if she uses her cuffs for non-work reasons. I mean, the Captain would say that they're for business, not pleasure ;p
Now, at the mention of the "incident" during the finale, Jane's answer is rather interesting. As usual, she avoids the subject. On top of that, though, she makes a further comment- she doesn't comment on the fact that it was traumatizing for her, or that she was still getting over it. Jane's response is all about Maura, and that discussing the incident is upsetting to her. I suppose we know that Jane can recuperate from shooting herself in the gut, but it takes an emotional toll on Maura, and Jane's aware of that.
Jane won't come right out and tell us who kissed who for New Year's, but she does tell us that "we" had a good time. We all know who "we" is, ladies. I'm pretty sure "we" got some mistletoe action in, too. 
Now, apparently Maura bought Jane a scarf for Christmas. And it's a pink [mauve] scarf, to boot! At the suggestion that Jane may have re-gifted it, Maura turns on her characteristic sniffle, turning Jane into Hurt Girlfriend Damage Control Jane. Jane goes so far as to tell Maura that she'll wear the pink/mauve scarf to yoga classes. Jane, pink, and yoga are three words that don't add up. Unless you add Maura into the equation. Let us do the math.
Jane+(Maura+pink scarf+yoga)=Whipped Jane.
Now, I suggested to Jane that yoga in a scarf could be potentially dangerous. And her answer is laced with ellipses. The pregnant pauses here, specifically the one before friends, suggests what we all know- that Maura is much more than a mere "friend" to Jane, and that she would risk being strangled by her own [very pink] scarf just to please the M.E.
Well, that's it for this tweetcap. I plan on doing regular coverage on Monday nights once again, plus [hopefully] a collection of other subtexty tweets on Friday or Sunday. We'll see how it goes.
Thank you for reading, and please leave a comment! 

Saturday, November 27, 2010

Rizzisles 5 Minute Deleted Scene: What Comes Out of Jane's Closet

This one's over a week late! Oops! Sorry for the delay, enjoy the tweets:

So we start with [what else?] Maura criticizing Jane's wardrobe.
Maura says that Jane has nothing to wear and Jane point out that [much to the RizzlesGirls' dismay] that she's "wearin' something now".
And she wears clothes to work every day, too! It just isn't fair.

So, Jane doesn't care about what she's wearing because this is a pretend lesbian date. If this were a real lesbian date [with Maura] then she'd be going insane trying to find something perfect to wear, of course!

Maura thinks that Jane hasn't presented herself well on past dates. We're pretty sure she's referring to the ones with men, because last time Jane was wearing a beautiful dress, she ditched that loser at her Ma's and went running to Maura with a bottle of wine. She doesn't waste her nice clothes on fake dates, our Janie.

So, Maura advises Jane that she should look nice on these fake dates, because it's part of her job, and they take their jobs seriously.

And then Jane questions Maura's authority on the subject, because really, Maura can't have more experience in the lesbian date department, right?

Maura falters and avoids the subject- this is as surprising as when she told us that she likes marshmallow fluff on the bottom and the top of the sandwich! So it seems that Maura's been on more lesbian dates.

But she doesn't want to hurt Jane's feelings, so she redirects this to the issue at hand- clothes, of course!

So Jane picks out a random shirt that [miracle upon all miracles] is clean!

Maura seems to have a change of heart and says that this shirt is a good choice because it will keep Jane safe from "unwanted attention". I think what Maura means is "I don't want any baristas or fake dates making passes at my Janie, so I'll dress her up like a hobo". Oh, Maura, you're cute when you're possessive!

Jane tries to explain that this is her Wednesday shirt. And, duh, Maura knows that, she only watches Jane every single day, and I'm sure she's cataloged every single outfit that Jane has ever worn in that big brain of hers. For uh, fashion-related purposes, of course.

And Maura has a better idea, but it's not in Jane's closet. At this point, many of us let our imaginations run wild as we thought of just what Maura might have in mind for Jane to wear. And then we remember what Maura's supposed to be wearing later on in this episode, and we have to calm ourselves or we'll pass out before the tweets are done.


Then we go back to the whole "Jane hates pink" thing. Jane tells Maura to get out of the closet and Maura makes the usual "it was mauve" comment and criticizes Jane for falling asleep with shoes on, cos I guess she's not ready to come out of the closet yet. Jane makes some excuse about "meditating" and the girls get into their usual banter, at which point we all shake our heads knowingly and wonder when they're going to just kiss each other already. I mean,really, Maura, do you think she falls asleep all the time like that? She only does it when you're around, maybe she falls asleep with her shoes on cos she wants you to take her shoes off, geez. Then we get yet another "Jane..." cos Maura loves to leave open-ended sentences like that. And cos she's probably staring lovingly at Jane right now.

Jane seems to want to cut things off here. Cos she seems to think we know what happened anyway. Clearly though, there was something we don't know about.

And Maura tries to kill us by mentioning some process and how she "carefully...". Our imaginations go off to that place again, and we wish these deleted scenes would just go on forever.

Jane uses her usual tactics and distracts Maura, and we all pout and go back to that happy place where Maura is wearing a corset and Jane is enjoying the view.