Saturday, November 27, 2010

Rizzisles 5 Minute Deleted Scene: What Comes Out of Jane's Closet

This one's over a week late! Oops! Sorry for the delay, enjoy the tweets:

So we start with [what else?] Maura criticizing Jane's wardrobe.
Maura says that Jane has nothing to wear and Jane point out that [much to the RizzlesGirls' dismay] that she's "wearin' something now".
And she wears clothes to work every day, too! It just isn't fair.

So, Jane doesn't care about what she's wearing because this is a pretend lesbian date. If this were a real lesbian date [with Maura] then she'd be going insane trying to find something perfect to wear, of course!

Maura thinks that Jane hasn't presented herself well on past dates. We're pretty sure she's referring to the ones with men, because last time Jane was wearing a beautiful dress, she ditched that loser at her Ma's and went running to Maura with a bottle of wine. She doesn't waste her nice clothes on fake dates, our Janie.

So, Maura advises Jane that she should look nice on these fake dates, because it's part of her job, and they take their jobs seriously.

And then Jane questions Maura's authority on the subject, because really, Maura can't have more experience in the lesbian date department, right?

Maura falters and avoids the subject- this is as surprising as when she told us that she likes marshmallow fluff on the bottom and the top of the sandwich! So it seems that Maura's been on more lesbian dates.

But she doesn't want to hurt Jane's feelings, so she redirects this to the issue at hand- clothes, of course!

So Jane picks out a random shirt that [miracle upon all miracles] is clean!

Maura seems to have a change of heart and says that this shirt is a good choice because it will keep Jane safe from "unwanted attention". I think what Maura means is "I don't want any baristas or fake dates making passes at my Janie, so I'll dress her up like a hobo". Oh, Maura, you're cute when you're possessive!

Jane tries to explain that this is her Wednesday shirt. And, duh, Maura knows that, she only watches Jane every single day, and I'm sure she's cataloged every single outfit that Jane has ever worn in that big brain of hers. For uh, fashion-related purposes, of course.

And Maura has a better idea, but it's not in Jane's closet. At this point, many of us let our imaginations run wild as we thought of just what Maura might have in mind for Jane to wear. And then we remember what Maura's supposed to be wearing later on in this episode, and we have to calm ourselves or we'll pass out before the tweets are done.


Then we go back to the whole "Jane hates pink" thing. Jane tells Maura to get out of the closet and Maura makes the usual "it was mauve" comment and criticizes Jane for falling asleep with shoes on, cos I guess she's not ready to come out of the closet yet. Jane makes some excuse about "meditating" and the girls get into their usual banter, at which point we all shake our heads knowingly and wonder when they're going to just kiss each other already. I mean,really, Maura, do you think she falls asleep all the time like that? She only does it when you're around, maybe she falls asleep with her shoes on cos she wants you to take her shoes off, geez. Then we get yet another "Jane..." cos Maura loves to leave open-ended sentences like that. And cos she's probably staring lovingly at Jane right now.

Jane seems to want to cut things off here. Cos she seems to think we know what happened anyway. Clearly though, there was something we don't know about.

And Maura tries to kill us by mentioning some process and how she "carefully...". Our imaginations go off to that place again, and we wish these deleted scenes would just go on forever.

Jane uses her usual tactics and distracts Maura, and we all pout and go back to that happy place where Maura is wearing a corset and Jane is enjoying the view.

Friday, November 5, 2010

Rizzisles 5 Minute Deleted Scene: Guilty Pleasures.

I started this Monday night,but somehow just got around to finishing it. So sorry for the delay, I was running around getting things together for a friend's birthday all week. But here it is...

So, we start with the girls having dinner. Okay, once again, they're eating together and having just about the zillionth not-date of their relationship. You two should be not-married by now! Or at least not-U-Hauling. Geez.

So, like I said, the ladies are having dinner. Take-out, to be exact. Maura brought the dinner, cos she seems to think that the food in Jane's fridge is unsafe. Jane tells her that she's "getting to know her". Well,I sure hope so,you two are practically attached at the hip, I'm sure Maura knows your thought processes at this point! Well, maybe not, I mean, she would've at least ki-nevermind...

So, Maura got all sorts of stuff, including [dun dun dunnn] hot wings! Ooh,Jane says that Maura never ceases to surprise her ;] It seems that Miss Isles likes to have something spicy every now and hear that, Jane? Maura says she can't help it,cos she must have what she craves. Anyone else think she craves a certain tall brunette?

Then Jane tells Maura that this pick of deleted scene wasn't all that bad. We all have our guilty pleasures.

We. All. Have. Our. Guilty. Pleasures.

Who honestly thinks that they don't do this on purpose?!

Anyway, Maura talks about marshmallow fluff [wait, I thought Jane was the marshmallow fluff,wouldn't that be your guilty pleasure?] and I get lost in their euphemisms.  Then Jane begins to tell us about next week,but Maura wants to tell us, and Jane acquiesces cos, duh, this is Jane and she gives Maura whatever she wants. 

So, we get the rules and things for the trivia event on Monday! This is super exciting, cos I'm dying to win! Although I'm afraid I won't do too well..I encourage you all to participate! Anyhow, the rules:

I think it's cute that even here, it's obvious that Maura calls the shots.
"Maura and I finally agreed on some rules for our challenge...doesn't mean I just wrote down what she said..."
Haha,sure, Jane, sure. It looks like Maura is in charge a lot of the time, she's got Jane wrapped around her finger.  Makes you wonder, maybe the fluff is on the other side of the sandwich? Hmm...

Monday, November 1, 2010

Rizzisles Halloween Tweets!!!

So today [or technically yesterday, since it is now Monday here in California], was Halloween! And Jane and Maura celebrated together, of course! Jane could have gone to her parents' place, but for some reason [I wonder why? Hmm] she spent it at Maura's. Not that we're complaining or anything! Anyway, the tweets...

So, we begin with another mention of Jane's "costume". She appears to have stuck with her Detective with No Socks costume...leave it to her to decide on a costume where she just removes clothing...

And Maura wants to see her in heels...hmm...Somehow, though, Jane thinks that the night will end in her breaking an ankle. Ah,well, I'm sure Maura won't protest to Jane walking around her place barefoot,wouldn't be the first time...

Maura is getting very technical about Halloween, and what candy they're going to give out to the neighborhood kids. In the end, she doesn't care what the heck they give out, cos they can use the time to go over those rules and blah blah blah, we all know it's just an excuse to have Jane hang out with her on this spooky night.

And Jane wonders how long she can spend on "rules". Now, I'm going to pretend that's a euphemism, and Jane doesn't really care how long they spend on "rules", they can just make "rules" all night long...well,okay then.

Jane seems to have stuffed all of the wrappers from her candy in one of Maura's pumps, and what I want to know is, at what point did Maura take her shoes off? Then the RizzlesGirls wonder if that was all she took off...and then Maura and Jane go silent after someone tells Angela about Jane stealing a bunch of chocolate. Wait,isn't chocolate supposed to be an aphrodisiac? Hmm...

Well, I'm going to assume the ladies had a wonderful rest of the night, eating candy and watching horror films or...something. I wonder if they'll ever stop wearing those matching Coworkers That Totally Aren't Dating costumes? Cos, just like a bad zombie costume, nobody is buying it...

Saturday, October 30, 2010

Rizzisles Tweets 4

Finally! Your usual dose of Rizzisles tweets! I'm guessing you don't hate that I do the 5 minute deleted scenes and the funny Rizznarker tweets,but perhaps you've been waiting for these regular installments? Well, this was midterm week and I have been horribly busy,and the tweets are piled up to crazy land! So there's another part coming, but this entry is going to have enough tweets as it is. Anyhow, on to the tweets!

So then, as usual, Jane is complimenting Maura. This time she's complimenting her running shorts...I'm sure she's admiring the shorts and not Maura's legs, and by "you look...nice" she doesn't mean "you look sexy but I'm going to say 'nice' cos people are watching". Yea, sure, Rizzoli, we believe you. And she feigns enthusiasm over Maura getting shorts for her...although, I'm pretty sure Maura has her own secret reasons for buying those. I mean, your legs are nice, too, Jane. Those stretchy yoga pants don't give Maura enough of a view, I guess ;]

So Janie's Maura has been having nightmares! And she thinks a Rizzolified coffee will help. Jane's not sure she can handle her "coffee" and "sugar" and at this point I play the "What could this euphemism be referring to???" game.

Oh and Maura is a bit hesitant, but it was quite a nightmare, and she's pretty sure she can handle all the sugar Jane's got for her...oh geez...

So, Jane's got her usual insane amount of coffee. We know Jane doesn't mess around when it comes to caffeine, and she clearly claims that all the coffee cups she has are for herself. But as soon as Maura asks if she brought her one, she crumbles and hands it over. Hmm...that's pretty damn cute if you ask me! These girls are so obvious...and Jane is ridiculously whipped, I mean, seriously?!

And of course, Maura is kind of enough to give Jane a fashion tip..she ain't the femme for nothing! Jane calls her cute for the witty comment, and Maura teases her by saying that Jane's fashion faux pas isn't cute at all xD But we know she doesn't care what Jane wears [or doesn't wear, for that matter *cough*], she's still a cutie in Maura's eyes.


Aww, so the ladies are having another not-date, and tonight is movie night! Rizzoli made some special popcorn, Maura says something about a "double feature", and the RizzlesGirls' minds explode for some reason I don't understand.

And there are subtitles in the flick, as there should be, cos Maura chose it!

Oh and look, it appears as though Jane is 'meditating'. Yea, like we don't know that you just fell asleep so you can lean against Maura, fall asleep on her, and secure a sleep over. Come on Rizzoli, we know the way you operate. I can't believe anyone still buys the "meditating" excuse, those ladies use it like crazy...

Some of Maura's paperclips are missing. We all laugh. Until Maura refers to Jane and "down here" and all the RizzlesGirls' minds go straight to gutter and I have to shake my head at how quickly that went south [I didn't even mean for that to sound that way-oops...]. Jane has no memory of it, cos it was that crazy, apparently.

So, Jane's brain is fried [I believe this was the time she was plotting to take over the world to get back at Snarker and was asking for a word that rhymes with unicorn...] and Maura wants to go home. Cos they go home together every day, like all non-dating coworkers do, duh!

We know Maura doesn't normally eat pizza,but she's suggesting they give some to Joe, which she's normally very against, but I guess Maura reaaally wants to spend the night with Jane. And Jane doesn't even object to the obviously Maura toppings, cos as we all know, she is whipped with a capital W.

Again, this one began innocently, with someone stealing Maura's pizza. And we all laugh, again. Until Jane takes it somewhere else when she says that she likes to mark things with "pre-licked" and, again, all of our heads explode. Maura is probably wearing a knowing smile, but she makes some random comment about blah blah blah, and we move on with our lives. Except we don't. Because the RizzlesGirls would not let that go...

The girls ask Maura about tongues, because that's something they know about. And Maura is all scientific, but she admits that it's one of the hardest working muscles in the body, and at this point I am blushing profusely and attempting to keep my thoughts clean. When Maura says something about swallowing saliva, Jane goes crazy, I'm assuming doing a spit-take with her coffee, and Maura simply states that it's relevant to her finishing said coffee. Also, I'm assuming it's relevant to her and Jane's relationship..I mean, when it comes to kissing...totally friendly not-dating coworkers type....nevermind, I'll shut up now...

Okay, that's it for this installment! I'm working on your next dose, it should be coming soon,but like I said, the tweets are piling up! Til then, please comment and spread the word =]

Wednesday, October 27, 2010

Rizzisles 5 Minute Deleted Scene: The Elusive Base Hit

So, we'd all been anticipating this scene, mostly because our imaginations jumped to a very happy place when Jane first told us that someone would be getting a base hit! Uh..I mean, I was thinking of them winning, I dunno what all of you were imagining *cough* Anyway, here is Monday night's 5 minute deleted scene. 
So then...we start with Jane asking Maura if she should "assume the position". Automatically, minds explode, and then Maura says that Jane's on the floor and the rest of us explodes and, well, thank you so much for that half-second deleted scene! That was really all we needed, holy crap!!!

But of course, they're not done, because these ladies need to make sure that we are incapable of any thought by the end of the night. So, then..


So Jane tries to make an excuse about hallway yoga- and of course, all the RizzlesGirls' twitter accounts explode with "tantric yoga!" tweets.
It seems that Jane dropped some chocolate under the vending machine. I'm sure Maura doesn't mind the view though *cough*. And of course, Maura came down here to see Jane- uh, I mean, bring her a report, duh! Maura cannot rush science, some things cannot be rushed. They must be savored, enjoyed, and...well anyway...

So it seems that Jane wants to get out of the PD cos she has a softball game. Cos duh, what else would she be leaving early for if Maura is still at work? Of course, Maura is interested and spews some Google talk at us. Jane's not sure if she ants to go cos, she hasn't played, and the guys and blah blah. But duh, Maura doesn't care about playing, or the boys or whatever. She wants to see Jane in that softball shirt, swinging that bat and running with sweat glistening on those toned arms and....I wasn't thinking it, it was Maura, I just say what lies under the tweet....*cough*

Ooh, Maura, hand-eye coordination? I'm sure Jane knows all about that...

So then, Maura's coming along for the game! Not that there was any question about it, Maura has to see her girlfriend in action *cough*
But of course, she has to change out of that dress first. It's silk. And I think Jane probably wants to see her girlfriend cheer her on in more appropriate attire. Maura has just that...[cue knowing laughter]

So then, the game ensues!

Oh no, Jane seems to have hurt herself sliding into that base!
And of course,it's Super Girlfriend to the rescue! Maura comes to see if Jane's "suffering" from anythuing besides the contusions. I think she may be suffering from some kiss-deficiency, you should help her out with that, Doc. Kiss those contusions, I hear it helps them heal faster!

Then Janie comments [finally] on Maura' s choice of attire...
Of course, Maura tells Jane how water resistant and aerodynamic and lalala this suit is.
But all that Jane thinks is "tight". Well, it is quite tight on Maura, hugs all those Very nice. I mean, it's matching Jane's jersey and it's aerodynamically uh...well, I like it.

So then, at this point several RizzlesGirls shared a thought- Jane would definitely test that theory that the fabric will not tear [*cough* it can be torn off]

Also, I think Jane's strong arms could do something specific when it comes to Maura and gravity.

And uh...really, Maura? You could approximate her measurements? That's polite girlfriend speak for "darling, I've seen you naked enough times to note every curve and what'll fit on that body" Or, at least I think that's what she meant, she could have..nah, that's what she meant.

But Jane doesn't want a super tight Maura suit, she likes her butchy softball tee.
Of course, Maura agrees that it is quite comfortable [something tells me she's worn it before...I'm pretty sure she's thrown it on after...uh, well, it's hard to see in the dark, and wearing Jane's clothes is cute and couply!]
And Jane is all, no, I will not trade. But I know that later, Jane will give in to her girlfriend's request and hand over the shirt.
By the way, I'm thinking of writing a fic for this scene *cough* Just saying...

Well then, that's the 5 Minute Deleted scene for this Monday. I swear to you that Rizzisles tweets 4 is on it's way! I may have to break it into two parts cos I'm only about halfway through the tweets, so many have piled up!

As always, please comment, I love knowing that you're all reading ;] And please spread the word!