Monday, September 13, 2010

Rizzoli and Isles Season 1 Finale!!

SPOILER ALERT!! This recap/review will contain spoilers.
Holy crap!!! I have to open with that, because after seeing the finale, I could not believe what had just occurred. A dirty cop [that was obvious], a dead cop, two shot cops, and a ton of dudes with guns trying to kill the beautiful Rizzoli and the fashionable Isles!! I was tweeting in a frenzy as I watched, loving the lovey little glance that Jane and Maura shared while in separate elevators near the beginning. Jane, Maura just told you that she'll always be there when you want to talk!! So you can talk to her when you're ready to confess your love to her! Yay!

Oh yea, and apparently Jane has some random other brother? Okay, that's new, but maybe he'll play some role later on? I'm not sure cos I don't read the books. Shame on me!

Oh, and Angie Harmon's voice is sooo amazing when she gets all crazy. How is it possible for her voice to get even more gravelly and sexy? Ohmygod!

Of course, Maura was a damn genius and saved their bums. And with her heels! To go back to an older episode, yes, Maura, you are indeed incredibly bad-@$$! You save your woman via walkie-talkie and look sexy while doing it.
And um, I think Maura and Jane could have fit in a lot more lingering touches and loving eye catching stares. I felt bad though cos Frankie was lying there dying and I was just thinking "Maura, look at how worried Jane is!! Hug her and make it better! ..and a kiss wouldn't hurt. *cough*"
Now, how on Earth did nobody see that one dude as being a dirty cop? It was so obvious! You will not believe how many times I screamed at my television during this episode.
"Oh my God, where's Jane?!"  "Jane, you need to save Maura! GO SAVE MAURA!!!"
"Maura, just fix Frankie already, Jane is begging you! Look at her sad eyes!"
and at the very end "AAAAAH!!! WHAT?! WHAT?! MAURAAAAA, GO SAVE JANE!!!!"
and I can't even recall what I screamed at the very end.
But I know that in my head I was screaming at Maura to go and kiss Jane back to life. *cough*
I cannot wait for the new season of Rizzoli and Isles. How the hell can I wait until next year?! I guess I'll just have to watch reruns, read Jane and Maura's tweets, and write a ton of fanfiction. Yay!

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