Thursday, May 19, 2011

Rizznarker tweets 5: Somebody's Watching Me

In light of recent events, I have decided that it is about time that I return to my tweetcaps. I apologize for the hiatus!
Now, if you are a Rizzles fan, you have probably seen the photograph and read the spoiler that turned many of us into squeeing fangirls. If you do not wish to be slightly spoiled, you might want to turn away now.

Anyhow, this image and explanation from the Rizzles Girls Blog has caused quite an uproar in the community

"According to our sources: Season 2, Episode 3. Maura plays the 'lesbian card' to break it off with a guy, and, yes, this is a screen cap from the scene in question. According to The Insider, the powers that be put this scene in for the fans. They know about the subtext we so very much love, and threw this in for us! We appreciate it! This scene wasn't actually in the original script. Apparently, they played it a different way, but we agree with The Insider, we like this scene much better."

As we know she would,  Snarker was quick to make a comment to Jane about it.

Snarker simply retweets a tweet with the image and explanation (this is how most Rizznarker discussions begin), and Jane is quick to jump on the comment. Jane always seems to take the bait so quickly! Could it be that she's still hoping for that little date? Who knows...?

So, Jane is quick to say that she and Maura are being "followed". Well, clearly, we're all following her on twitter, right?! But, she seems to be implying that someone is following the two ladies around and snapping photos. Well, if they caught this little gem....As they say, a picture is worth a thousand words. And I think some of the words that this photo is worth include "Jane" "Maura" "gay" and "who are they kidding? We all know that they hold each other like this at home, but photographic evidence is nice". But enough about that....

Jane has to make a call, because uhm, she needs to call Angela, because this is not the way that she expected to come out. Your Ma knows already, Jane, we all do! Or maybe she's calling her PR guy, to make sure that other photos (and maybe a video?) don't leak. We can't be sure who she's calling, because Snarker tells her that her "following" excuse is getting old, and that this image will only make people "follow" her more. And then several fangirls were heard rustling in the bushes. 

Jane says that she doesn't need excuses. And she adds a winky face. She. Doesn't. Need. Excuses! Is Jane finally going to stop with this whole "straight" thing and just come out already? I mean, it must be exhausting making up excuses, can you imagine the excuses she had to come up with to justify staring at Maura's cleavage at Merch? That takes some serious excuse- making skills.

Rizznarker finishes off the banter as she always does, and tells Jane to "sing it" loud and proud! Jane doesn't respond to this, which tells me that she's not ready to quite scream it from the rooftops juts yet. Or maybe she's on the phone explaining the sleepovers to her Ma? Either way, expect to see many more interesting tweets, and what looks to be quite an exciting next season for Jane and Maura shippers!

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