Wednesday, October 27, 2010

Rizzisles 5 Minute Deleted Scene: The Elusive Base Hit

So, we'd all been anticipating this scene, mostly because our imaginations jumped to a very happy place when Jane first told us that someone would be getting a base hit! Uh..I mean, I was thinking of them winning, I dunno what all of you were imagining *cough* Anyway, here is Monday night's 5 minute deleted scene. 
So then...we start with Jane asking Maura if she should "assume the position". Automatically, minds explode, and then Maura says that Jane's on the floor and the rest of us explodes and, well, thank you so much for that half-second deleted scene! That was really all we needed, holy crap!!!

But of course, they're not done, because these ladies need to make sure that we are incapable of any thought by the end of the night. So, then..


So Jane tries to make an excuse about hallway yoga- and of course, all the RizzlesGirls' twitter accounts explode with "tantric yoga!" tweets.
It seems that Jane dropped some chocolate under the vending machine. I'm sure Maura doesn't mind the view though *cough*. And of course, Maura came down here to see Jane- uh, I mean, bring her a report, duh! Maura cannot rush science, some things cannot be rushed. They must be savored, enjoyed, and...well anyway...

So it seems that Jane wants to get out of the PD cos she has a softball game. Cos duh, what else would she be leaving early for if Maura is still at work? Of course, Maura is interested and spews some Google talk at us. Jane's not sure if she ants to go cos, she hasn't played, and the guys and blah blah. But duh, Maura doesn't care about playing, or the boys or whatever. She wants to see Jane in that softball shirt, swinging that bat and running with sweat glistening on those toned arms and....I wasn't thinking it, it was Maura, I just say what lies under the tweet....*cough*

Ooh, Maura, hand-eye coordination? I'm sure Jane knows all about that...

So then, Maura's coming along for the game! Not that there was any question about it, Maura has to see her girlfriend in action *cough*
But of course, she has to change out of that dress first. It's silk. And I think Jane probably wants to see her girlfriend cheer her on in more appropriate attire. Maura has just that...[cue knowing laughter]

So then, the game ensues!

Oh no, Jane seems to have hurt herself sliding into that base!
And of course,it's Super Girlfriend to the rescue! Maura comes to see if Jane's "suffering" from anythuing besides the contusions. I think she may be suffering from some kiss-deficiency, you should help her out with that, Doc. Kiss those contusions, I hear it helps them heal faster!

Then Janie comments [finally] on Maura' s choice of attire...
Of course, Maura tells Jane how water resistant and aerodynamic and lalala this suit is.
But all that Jane thinks is "tight". Well, it is quite tight on Maura, hugs all those Very nice. I mean, it's matching Jane's jersey and it's aerodynamically uh...well, I like it.

So then, at this point several RizzlesGirls shared a thought- Jane would definitely test that theory that the fabric will not tear [*cough* it can be torn off]

Also, I think Jane's strong arms could do something specific when it comes to Maura and gravity.

And uh...really, Maura? You could approximate her measurements? That's polite girlfriend speak for "darling, I've seen you naked enough times to note every curve and what'll fit on that body" Or, at least I think that's what she meant, she could have..nah, that's what she meant.

But Jane doesn't want a super tight Maura suit, she likes her butchy softball tee.
Of course, Maura agrees that it is quite comfortable [something tells me she's worn it before...I'm pretty sure she's thrown it on after...uh, well, it's hard to see in the dark, and wearing Jane's clothes is cute and couply!]
And Jane is all, no, I will not trade. But I know that later, Jane will give in to her girlfriend's request and hand over the shirt.
By the way, I'm thinking of writing a fic for this scene *cough* Just saying...

Well then, that's the 5 Minute Deleted scene for this Monday. I swear to you that Rizzisles tweets 4 is on it's way! I may have to break it into two parts cos I'm only about halfway through the tweets, so many have piled up!

As always, please comment, I love knowing that you're all reading ;] And please spread the word!

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