Tuesday, July 5, 2011

Rizznarker tweets 6: Just Like [Gay] Old Times

There are less than 7 days left until the countdown to Rizzoli and Isles season 2 is over, and Dorothy Snarker is at it again! This time, she addresses the recent spotlight set on Jane and Maura's sexualities, and as usual, Jane is quick to reply!

Jane begins to insist that "nothing happened with...", but she can't really deny that, because she knows that something did happen. Most likely something with Maura. Or a lot of not-nothings happened with Maura. I don't know, because Jane throws a "never mind" in there, because if she keeps going with that one, she might undo this hard work they're doing to establish their straightness.
Soon, the affectionate nicknames are flying, and I'm sitting here wondering if Maura will swoop in like she usually does when Snarker and Rizzoli get flirty like this.[Does anybody remember that coffee date they were supposed to have? I'm pretty sure Maura set her foot down on that one.] Snarker is sure to call her out on this "sweetie" business. It seems that things haven't changed during the hiatus, Rizzoli can't help it.
Jane agrees, it's just like old times, and as such she asks Snarker if she's got her facts straight "or whatever" [because Snarker's facts are always very gay, but they're still facts.]. Jane always insists that Snarker gets things mixed up- as if we all don't already know that she's just trying to cover her and Maura's romance. Snarker confirms that her facts are all that she has straight, Jane insists that she always has to check, double check, and questions facts, blabla [and I'm sure that Maura helps her with that, because we all know that Maura knows a lot of facts. I bet Jane just loves discovering and double checking Maura's facts.]
Of course, Snarker turns that right back on Rizzoli, and all Jane can do it admit that she walked right into it. She didn't even deny that you'd have to double check someone's fake-straight facts. Snarker asks if Jane does it on purpose, because really, for a detective she sure gets herself into some tight places and let's loose a lot of information regarding the status of her and Maur's relationship...I think we should give Snarker some sort of honorary badge for great interrogation skills...
Jane and Maura return to the screen Monday, July 11 at 10/9c on TNT, don't forget to tune in! And come back for more Rizzisles and Rizznarker tweetcaps throughout the season!

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