Thursday, July 21, 2011

Rizznarker tweets 7: Lassie's Ruff Tricks

As soon as the tweet hit the twitterverse, Dorothy Snarker's hilarious recap of "Living Proof" quickly gained Jane Rizzoli's attention- as always! This week, Snarker compared our detective's quick saving to that of Lassie- and the detective apparently wasn't too fond of being compared to a canine- at first. Snarker is quick to explain that it is a compliment- and a comment on Jane's awesome hair is all the detective needs to let it go. Because she never flirts with Snarker, ever *cough*. So, all is well, and Jane says that she won't have to resort to anything involving counters. But wait, Jane!

Snarker wouldn't mind the rough treatment that the Evil Nurse in episode two got- a nice slam against a counter by our butch detective. Jane's never seen such a quick turnabout,- but she doesn't refuse Snarker the special treatment.  Of course, that's going to happen when your try to dole out a punishment that is actualy more of an incentive to behave badly. Snarker explains this, but Janie feigns ignorance. Uh huh, as if you don't know what that rough treatment (and voice!) does to the gay ladies. Jane tries to distract Snarker with fudge clusters, to no avail. Snarker doesn't have a come back for the "yummy" comment (she might have fainted like me at the thought of Jane saying the word yummy.), and the argument is left until next time. I wonder what Maura thinks about this?
Whoops! Loooks like Maura isn't too fond of the idea of Snarker complimenting her detective's dark locks- or perhaps it's the idea of Jane doling out some rough treatment to Jane? Either way, Lassie might be in the dog house after that one, if her reaction after the Rizznarker coffee date is any indication.

Make sure to tune in to TNT this Monday at 10/9c for episode 3 of Rizzoli and Isles! It's supposed to be quite a gay affair, from what we've been told! And come back for more Rizzoli and Isles related subtexty tweets throughout the season.

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