Sunday, October 24, 2010

Rizznarker tweets [3.5]: Come Out, Come California

I know I said that I would post this Friday, but time got away from me somehow, I apologize! But here is Rizznarker tweetcap 3.5...

So, this all begins with yet another one of Dorothy Snarker's Rizzoli and Isles recaps [which I must say are epic, if you haven't read them yet, you should now].

Jane is flipping out cos, hello, it's not cool that people talk about her fear of witches, she's supposed to be the brave one around here!
And what in the world, how did Snarker get her mum's address?! [That might have something to do with the documentary, Jane...]

So Snarker is pointing out that, hello, at least if her mum finally accepts the fact that Jane is with Miss Isles, she won't have to go dress shopping as much, duh!
And Jane is like, that's not the point here! [Deflecting the issue by accusing Snarker of deflecting? Clever, Rizzoli, very clever.] Plus, her Ma is beginning to ask questions! And we all know how that goes.
And Snarker's like, of course she's asking questions, it's part of accepting it. And Jane needs to figure this out, and Snarker must have good access to a PFLAG and an LGBT center and stuff, cos she's got pamphlets for every person coming out. She's got some more for Jane, cos she seems to be having a problem with this.

And then it gets even more hilarious. Jane is all tough chick, telling Snarker she's got a pamphlet for her [maybe something like "An Addict's Guide to Not Outing the Object of Your Obsession" or something? I can't imagine..] that she would send, but California probably isn't even a real place.

Snarker takes the bait and invites Jane to come out *cough* to California [Damn, Snarker and her clever wordplay, she doesn't even have to try, I love it!].

And Jane suddenly remembers her girlfriend when Snarker invites her, cos whoa, I have a feeling Maura was pretty pissed off last time she set up that not-date with Snarker. Plus, she can't leave Maura with a bunch of frat boys and yoga Jorge [cos she'll have to kill them if they try to come onto her girlfriend while she's in the Golden State]. Plus, uh, there's coffee in Boston, too. [Excuses, excuses, Rizzoli. We all know you got it from your girlfriend for pulling that not-date stunt with Snarker] Well, Maura comes in and says that she wouldn't mind if Jane left her behind, she'll be just fine [I sense a fake smile and upset tone, clearly Isles was just getting back at Jane; she made the bed, now she has to lay in it. Mull over that analogy for a bit, I'll walk away]

Well, Snarker leaves no room for excuses, telling Jane that they can come out together- and once again, Snarker ends this conversation.

I guess Jane isn't ready to get in the water just yet? Maybe her and Maura are still learning how to swim ;]

We'll see when the next tweeting match comes up between these two. 'Til then, I still promise that your next dose of Rizzisles tweets is on its way! Please comment and spread the word

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