Friday, October 8, 2010

Even more Rizzisles tweets + some of Maura's "Oh, Jane..." faces

I think this is the second mention of Rizzisles tweets I do? Or third? Who knows? But from now on I think I shall number them! Anyhow, here we go:

For this one the images of the tweeters aren't there with the tweet, cos Twitter was being evil. But, I digress..

That's what, Jane? I believe she was about to say "that's what she said".. Or more precisely, "that's what Maura said." Anybody else catch that? No? Just me? Moving on...

Because Twitter hates me and only lets me see tweets between Maura and Jane and not Jane or Maura and anyone else [hm, what's that mean?] I couldn't for the life of me get the whole conversation between @DorothySnarker and @JaneRizzoli. But @mindgrapes managed to get it, so here it is:

Okay, wow. Whoever is doing these tweets just LOVES to screw with us! Who in their right mind would speak of Maura being "good with her hands" and not go straight to that lovely Rizzisles place?

Of course, Jane manages to seem innocent while bragging about her girlfriend's skills- she wouldn't want to offend Maura by outright saying that she can use those fingers to bring Jane- okay, you get the picture.

And Jane's "You've got quite the imagination there dear" is basically a "Well, you imagine it all you want, but I've lived the real thing, and let me tell you, Maura's hands do the living much more good than the dead." Maybe not quite, but, I guess I'm stepping into my fanfic author mindset now and getting carried away. But who wouldn't? We are being provoked, I tell you!

Anyhow, Maura's simple "..." is beautiful. Uhm, Maura can't lie!!! Therefore, she cannot deny what her hands can do, and what Jane knows about it. Plus, what girl would argue if her girlfriend is praising her skills? Now, I will move on, that was quite a bit there. That whole thing got me excited, I'm telling you, my fanfic mind gets ahead of itself!

Now, what about Maura and the pretzel mix?:

I remember her eating bar snacks, so clearly she knows that the pretzel mix must be safe. Plus, Jane, part of a lesbian relationship is being weirdly similar and hanging out with one another's friends! Maura must have researched this fact, thus the interest in being like you and your dude friends. Plus, Maura just downright wants to understand you more, cos that's what girlfriends do, communication and whatnot. Also, is anyone else distracted when Maura uses words like "tasty" and "yummy"? No? Just me?

This next one might just be me, but:
Janie loves to press Maura's buttons [uh...] and call that tortoise a turtle. Then she corrects herself, something that Maura think is adorable. Or is it just me? Anyhow, every time Maura tweets and "Oh, Jane.." [which from my memory is quite a few times] I can just imagine her sappy lovey-dovey eyes and little sigh and jiodjqoijdq, why is Maura so adorable even through tweets? Maybe this is just me adding even more subtext, but yea, haha.

I think Maura would have lots of "Oh Jane" faces.
Like this one:

This is "Oh, Jane, you're so damn beautiful..."


Oh, I have to play doctor with you again?


"Oh,'s so hot that you want to teach me how to shoot a gun. ..Touch my arm again!"


uh...yea, well, you get the picture.

And this is what Maura looks like when Jane catches Maura eating the pretzel mix:

Okay, I'm done..for now xp

[Some of these pictures were borrowed from other sites, I do not own rights to them and whatnot.]

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