Tuesday, October 12, 2010

Rizzisles 5 Minute Deleted Scene: Couples' Yoga and The Annoyed Detective Pose

Hello little Rizzisles kittens! So, last night's 5 minute deleted scene was...entertaining, to say the least. The girls got themselves in a bit of trouble! And managed to throw subtext in as they always do! Now, there were some tweets over the weekend [and some interesting Coming Out Day tweets!] that must be shared, but I think those will be included with the rest of the week's tweets in a separate entry. Now, on to the deleted scene!!

This conversation is, as usual, quite long. I will be posting in blocks, and each block is to be read from the bottom up. Let us proceed, yes? ;]

so, we start of simply enough, with Maura scolding Jane. If you recall, the girls ended the episode with some "playful shoving", we'll call it. Jane doesn't get why they were kicked out, those people are supposed to be laid-back, so it shouldn't have mattered that she was messing around with her girlfriend in the middle of yoga practice. And Maura, of course, is concerned because she was really trying to concentrate. I mean, I'd lose my concentration, too, if Jane was standing next to me in those stretchy pants! But uh. Anyway, Maura's also concerned about what the other students thought of her falling all over the place..and probably what they thought of Jane and Maura's touchy feeliness. Jorge already knows about Jane, Maura, it won't take much for him and your fellow students to put the pieces together...

And of course, more playful arguing. And Jane defending her shove. And general cutesy couple teasing...and Maura being logical. Oh, silly Maura, of course you can't be responsible for their assumptions. But it's not like the whole world doesn't know you've already fallen head over heels for Jane, it has nothing to do with your balance and mental discipline...

...this is where I refrain from making a comment about Jane's half-moon being eclipsed with a very suggestive tone.

And of course, Maura thinks it's the funniest thing on Earth, because duh, everything your girlfriend says is funny! Oh, and, we can't see what's going on, but I'm sure you can all imagine why Maura's telling Jane "..don't do that..". So we can assume Jane doesn't mind getting touchy in public? Okaay...

And of course, Jane makes a comment about wanting to avoid another "thrilling" date with Jorge. I guess it's a game these two play,making your girlfriend go on a date with some guy. Maura seems to think it was very funny. And points out that he was supposedly a good guy cos he fluffs pillows, blah blah blah, boring.

And what does Jane have to say about it? She just "wasn't that into him...". Note that Jane didn't quite finish that sentence. What she meant was, she's not into him cos she's way into Maura, and Maura already fluffs her pillows. You can take comment that however you want to take it. It's a gift from me to you all.

And of course, the girls talk about finding their centers. Cos, duh, you can play around with your girlfriend in yoga class, but when it comes to finding your center, you apparently want to start with drinks. And these ladies are seriously trying to kill us when they use words like "find our centers". Do they think we don't know what they're doing? Geez...

Note that Jane said "...for a start." Which means that the ladies continued to find their centers elsewhere. I don't make this stuff up, people. I just read between the [very gay] lines.And uh, apparently a salesgirl at Gap wanted to find Jane's center? Hmm..what's Maura got to say about that?

Yea, I wouldn't be happy about that either!

Well, there was some interesting banter after the 5 minute scene, in which we were informed that we will be getting a lovely Q&A with the girls next Monday in place of a deleted scene! I am verrry excited, I think the RizzlesGirls might give them a run for their money. I will say now that I am no way involved with any conspiracy. *cough*

I may cover the banter that came after the 5 minute scene, an entry that I may call "5 minute Aftershock" or something. We'll see. And tweets from the weekend, Coming Out Day, and the rest of this week will be covered in the usual Rizzisles tweet entry. Til then, my Rizzisles people!


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