Thursday, October 7, 2010

Lesbians and Hands in Pockets

In a recent thread on AfterEllen, the subject of lesbians having the tendency to slip their hands into their pockets came up. I actually do this on a regular basis. More than that, I actually do it a hell of a lot, that or I slip my thumbs into my belt loops. If I haven't any pockets in my pants, I'll slip my hands into my coat or sweater pockets. And when my coat hasn't any pockets, I get frustrated and go on a rant about faux pockets and coats, why would you put the flaps there if there are no pockets?! It's deceitful and- well, anyhow, like with any other subject on the planet, my mind automatically went to- what else?- Rizzisles! So, this was my photographic contribution to the thread [the images vary, I thought I'd put in more of Jane here] :


The one with just Maura was actually very hard to come by =/
Hm, perhaps it has something to do with the fact that she's the femme?? When she's standing next to Jane, She turns all "oh let me put my hand on my hip, Jane is handling the pocket situation". Plus she has no pockets. So. I suppose, if you're a femme, there's less opportunity to have your hands in your pockets [dresses don't usually have any] and it gives Maura- er, I mean femmes- the excuse to slip their hands into Janes- I mean the not-femme!-'s pockets? So do femmes have less of a tendency to have their hands in their pockets?
Ah, an interesting theory!!! I'm sure Maura could come up with several hypotheses on'm beginning to feel the sparks of a fanfic coming on..

Oh, wait, what's that? Did you say- Olivia Benson?
Yea, I went there.

Do you tend to put your hands in your pockets?


  1. i know this is kinda an old post, but i was reading through the archive, and I completely agree with it! I do the hands-in-pockets thing constantly, and even rant when i don't have pockets! I mean, just flaps? that's just mean....

  2. OMG I just realized I always have my hands in my pockets too! Do you think this might be a sort of biological thing? Like lesbians are genetically predisposed to put their hands in pockets? Lol.
    Or maybe having exposed and free hands produces a feeling of vulnerability, and so lesbians are somehow conscious of this on a certain level, and like to hide them for this reason?