Wednesday, October 20, 2010

Rizzisles Q&A Tweetcap: Part 1

Sorry for not giving you the regular dose of Rizzisles tweets! I just keep getting bombarded with stuff and this week has been a bit of a tough one. I'll get the regular entry in soon, but right now I have some of my favorite tweets from the Q&A on Monday. Yay!

Okay, so here I would like to point out that Rizzoli made sure to share her first thoughts of Maura "professionally speaking"
I guess she didn't care to divulge the unprofessional thoughts going through her head? *cough*
It's okay, Jane, we understand, we've all seen Maura rock those heels.

So of course Jane can't tell us about everything they do outside of drinking [cos uh, that's not suitable for twitter, there are children reading!] but she mentions getting "dragged" to yoga.
What she means is, she's whipped and she has to go to yoga cos her girlfriend would start that whole sniffing thing that she just can't control.
Plus, must I mention those stretchy pants again? ;]

Maura says that opposites attract. So clearly she's admitting that she's attracted to Jane, Jane's attracted to her, and their differences make the relationship that much more exciting.
I mean, it's whole balance thing, she loves her butchy girlfriend, cos what would Maura do if she had to share her oh so beloved Jimmy Choos?

I'm sure Janey has lots of dreams of Maura making her wear certain things...
What I mean, of course, is dresses. Haha, yea dresses *cough* moving on...
and of course, Maura goes with a very logical answer.
What she means is, "I see Jane a lot. Every day. Even when she's not there, I see her in my head. So, logically speaking, of course I dream about her. A lot. I mean, it's very logical. I see her a when I wake up in the morning, she's usually there. Well, because...I fell asleep. I was meditating, I swear!"
Hm...I think I see now why Maura tries not to answer some questions, she can't lie, she'd probably just keep talking until she revealed everything about her and Jane. Yup, that must be it.

I think I left Doc a bit speechless with my question...
I asked later on, she said she wasn't upset with me xD I swear, the RizzlesGirls encouraged me to ask a question, and there you go. That'll teach me to never be brave again, I'd feel so bad if I offended Maura or Jane!
But c'mon, it's not like they don't know how many of us were tweeting about our heads exploding from awesome during that whole Q&A ;]

Our ladies are asked how they feel about people assuming that they are dating.
Of course, they don't mind the assumptions. I mean, when people think you're together, it'll be easier when you actually announce it, right? And then, like Jane says, they don't have to deal with pesky dates with men.
Oh and, it's sort of hard to control people's assumptions when you star in a documentary with your girlfriend. Just sayin' ;]

The girls are asked about their Immunoglobin A levels are..I'm sure you all remember how those levels can be raised ;]
Maura would hate to, she's pretty sure the levels are all out of whack, cos Jane's are fine, meaning they probably helped each other out with that.
I mean uh, cough syrup or something. I don't know. Moving on....

So, Maura dodged this question, but our brave Jane went ahead and answered!
So, I assume she'd want to kill Jorge? Hahaha xD
And she didn't even mention the other dude! Just Maura's house. So, I think that means Jane would just go ahead and go with marrying Maura and forgetting everyone else ;] I hear wedding bells ringinggg!

Well, that concludes part 1 of the Rizzisles Q&A tweetcaps. Part 2 will contain some other questions, Dorothy Snarker's clever questions, a message from Jane to Snarker, and some questions I liked that the girls didn't answer. Should be posted later today. ;]

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