Friday, October 22, 2010

Rizznarker tweets [3]: A Coffee Not-Date

So, this week, Jane had even more chatty time with Dorothy Snarker. It seems that she really talks to her a hell of a lot! Hmm...we'll discuss that in another entry, but for now, let us observe the unfolding of plans for a "not-date"!

So this starts off innocently enough [doesn't it always?]  with Rizzoli wearing purple in honor of the Spirit Day mourning the deaths of the youth suicides caused by LGBT bullying. Snarker says that you should listen to her cos, duh, she's a cop, and she is also Jane Rizzoli. And of course Jane takes it as quite a compliment cos she's sure Dorothy has a huge crush on her. Cue winky face from Jane! ";)"
So later, Snarker lets us know that she'll be late in her recap of Rizzoli and Isles and us lesbians are sad cos we love any scrap of Rizzisles subtext we can get!

and of course, Jane pops up out of friggin' nowhere to comment on it!


Jane suddenly turns it into some not-date, cos clearly Snarker is obsessed, and how do you quell an obsession? Go out for organic coffee and walk a dog and talk about your obsession, duh! [Does anyone else see the flaw there? No? Though I wouldn't mind a not-date with Jane...]

So of course, Snarker catches that Jane is making very clever super-gay plans for their not-date, cos organic coffee and walking dogs and talking about feelings is what us lesbians do.
So, as always, Snarker one-ups this and throws in a U-haul reference!
Jane is all, oh are you moving somewhere? Cue faux innocence. Ladies, just adopt a child already! We're on our way there, no?
But wait, Snarker doesn't move in after only one date! Or uh, not-date over organic coffee, cos she's a classy gal, Jane, what are you trying to say?!

And yes, my people, Snarker gets the last word in again. I see a recurring pattern here. Snarker knows how to dish it out, and while Jane plays with her, she goes back to Maura at the end of the day. Anybody thinking of anyone in their lives that are like this? Just checking.

Okay, so you should know that this was not the only interaction the ladies had this week. I thought I would break it down for you though, so later on today Rizznarker tweets 3.5 should be up. Hope you enjoyed, please leave comments and spread the word! Thanks for reading, I love you all!

[Also, I apologize if the jpegs are kinda crazy, lots of screencapping and not a ton of time makes for a bit of a mess.]

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