Monday, October 18, 2010

Rizzisles 5 Minute Deleted Scene: Before & Aftershock!

This is just a little bit I did on the tweets before and after the 5 minute deleted scene this past Monday.
I am probably going to give you too many tweets and eventually you will be sick of them! I apologize for the overkill. You will have your usual weekly dose of Rizzisles tweets later on today, but this is just to hold you off 'til I get that all organized and done =]  Now, on to the tweets!

So, it just so happens that Monday was not only Columbus Day, but Coming Out Day! Yay for gay! So, Jane got a gift from that obnoxious dude that blah blah blah.

So, Jorge got her an organic leash for Joe. Which I'm assuming is supposed to be a jab at how gay she is. No? Is that just me? I just thought, since the oatmeal and juice and milk I have is organic...okay, anyway.

He also got her a card for Coming Out Day ;] Silly Jorge, Janey is already out! She kinda came out when she starred in a documentary with her girlfriend, duhhh!

And of course, Jane saying "you're enjoying this way too much" to Maura just makes us giggle, cos...well. it just does. Of course Maura enjoys it, it's funny to her that the poor kid would think Jane's straight in the first place. I mean, did he not see the looks they give each other? Silly, silly, Jorge. Plus, Maura got chocolate out of it, and she gets to keep the girl. It's a win-win sitch for her!

Then there's this:
Of course, Jane means equality has done good things for her.
She didn't say "no, I am not dating Maura *pretend nervous laugh*"
Cos, hello, the "good things" she means is Maura and her dating. And she might as well not deny it, cos that would hurt poor Maura's feelings!

So then, there are the tweets after the 5-minute deleted scene:
So, twitter was being dumb. Uh, but we all know that twitter is dumb sometimes.
Clearly, Rizzoli and Isles are way too hot for Twitter, it just spazzed out and kaboom!!!
Also, did anyone else do a double-take when Jane said something about someone getting a base hit?
Or was it just me letting my mind mean what it wants again? *cough*

Oh, and Maura scolds Jane for not telling us about next Monday. Which, as you should know, is the Q&A with the ladies. I'll be sure to cover what I can ;]
I always think it's pretty funny and cute when Maura scolds Jane, cos we all know Jane could take out some big monsters, but when Maura yells at her she just starts sentences that she doesn't finish and let's Maura get her way xD I mean, really, do you think Jane lost at rock-paper-scissors?

And Jane and Maura make plans, again, to go out for drinks. Maura is buying today for some reason.
And Maura said something about Jane "getting what she wants", to which I say "Ohhh, that's why Jane threw that game of rock-paper-scissors!"
And Jane says that she's persistent.
I'm sure you are, Rizzoli, I'm sure you are ;]

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