Wednesday, October 20, 2010

Rizzisles Q&A Tweetcap: Part 2

Okay, so here we go with part 2! Why don't we start with Snarker's epic question?!
So then..*cough* It appears that Jane is the fluff, because I'm assuming that we're using an analogy here.
Jane's making sure that everyone knows that the fluff is always on top, cos she's the one that's all tough and all Jane and stuff. So yea, there.
But oh, what's this? Maura says, no no no. Top and bottom. Sometimes one or the other.
Why, Miss Isles, are you saying that it's only sometimes one or the other? So, in one day you will have a sandwich with fluff on the top and a sandwich with fluff on the bottom? That must be quite a workout...I mean, for your mouth, the sandwich. I mean, because of all the fluff and...I'll shut up now. 

Hmm, so Maura considers herself flexible? Yes, I see, it's all the yoga, then...that explains the fluff on both bottom and top, no? ;]

And now, a couple questions that went unanswered:

Ah, yes, the tantric yoga. Before the RizzlesGirls, I did not know what it was. But, alas, one of them mentioned it during the 5 minute recap of the yoga scene, and I was silly enough to google it. Let's just say, the tantric yoga would also explain the fluff on both the top and the bottom of that sandwich...

This one made me laugh xD If you don't get this reference, then your lesbian card will be revoked at the door, thank you and come again. ;]
But really, I'm pretty sure both of their ring fingers are longer...and Maura would know, cos she just notices those things, she's Maura! Which is why she couldn't answer that question, she must know the implication and she cannot lie.

Oh, and Jane ended it with a reminder of next week's 5 minute deleted scene.

And we all say "haha, she made that comment about base hits again!" And we laugh and laugh and think about things that we shouldn't, and oh, what an innocent tweet that was, no?

But then wait!

Bam!!! A drive-by tweeting! Jane turns around and is all, come on Snarker, say somethin'! And we are all awed and turn to Snarker, cos the lesbian ball is in her court now!

And Snarker does not disappoint:

Oh. Snap.
Snarker just used softball references to come back at Rizzoli. She played her with her own game. Well done, Snarker, well done.
I particularly like the "consider something made" at the end. Wow. Just the cherry on the sundae there.

And what did Jane have to say? Well, nothing.
Oh Jane, you know when to stop while you're ahead, don't you?
Except, in the next entry, you may see that when it comes to Snarker, Jane has trouble stopping her tweeting madness!

Check in later for your next dose of Rizzisles tweets and a special Rizznarker tweetcap ;]

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